Rubber Seals

Industrial Seals
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seal

We Hindustan Oil Seals make available Pneumatic and Hydraulic seals which are useful in to seal openings between various components in a hydraulic cylinder.They are soft non metalic rings, fixed in a groove. They are useful also in retaining compressed Fluid and Gas. Pneumatic and Hydraulic seals are specially designed to to remove solid or liquid contaminants, and to maintain hydraulic pressure. Different types of seals are designed for these functions and require performance-enhancing features.We provide seals with excellent sealing effect with no leakage and minimum friction.


We Hindustan Oil Seals are manufacturers and suppliers of a Actuators. Valve Seals Acuator is a device of a machine that controls movement and takes care of overall mechanism of a system. Actuator needs a control signal and a source of energy.Inflatable Actuators expand to produce movement. Inflatable Actuators are filled with pressurised gas or liquid. Here friction is less. They are useful in medical field.

Inflatable actuators are used to push a secondary compression seal (or fixture) into place, thereby creating a uniform, reliable seal. In a typical application, the inflatable actuator pushes a seal made of a harder material (e.g. PTFE) which then seals against a rotating piece of equipment.

Valve Seal

Valve stem seals / Valve Seals play an important role in lubrication. Valve stem seals allow a controlled amount of oil to lubricate the valve stem as it moves in the valve guide. The amount of oil that passes by the valve stem seal must be precisely controlled.Valve Seals are made up of Nylon, PTFE Rubber or Nitrile Rubber.

Textile Seals

We Hindustan Oil Sealsoffer range of Textile Seals which have large demand in Textile Industry. Textile seals are self cleaning, not requiring long maintenance, and easy to install. They are useful in various applications like diaphragm Elastomer and many textile machines, Normal pressure machine like a mercerizing machine & pretreatment machine (Benninger - Make)

Automotive Seals

Automotive Seals or Auto seals, as the name suggests, are utilized in vehicles. They are gadgets that are utilized to consolidate frameworks. It additionally forestalls spillage, avoid pollutants, and contain pressure. There are various sorts of seals and they are utilized in enlistment fixing, warming, stuffing, and attachment of parts. The viability of the seals is reliant upon the bond of both the sealant and the gasket.

Compressor Seals

Non-reaching, otherwise known as "dry," COMPRESSOR SEALS are an option in contrast to conventional wet (oil) seal frameworks. This seal framework doesn't course oil; rather it might either keep seal faces isolated by a film of gas (hydrodynamic) or by controlling the powers following up on the seal faces (hydrostatic.)

Oil & Gas Seals

A somewhat impermeable stone, ordinarily shale, anhydrite or salt, that frames a boundary or cap above and around supply rock to such an extent that liquids can't relocate past the repository. A seal is a basic part of a total petrol framework.

Dry Gas Seals

Dry gas seals are non-reaching, dry-running mechanical face seals that comprise of a mating (turning) ring and an essential (fixed) ring. While working, lifting calculation in the pivoting ring produces a liquid dynamic lifting force making the fixed ring discrete and make a hole between the two rings. Dry gas seals are mechanical seals however utilize different synthetic substances and capacities with the goal that they don't sully a cycle. These seals are normally utilized in a brutal workplace like oil investigation, extraction and refining, petrochemical businesses, gas transmission and compound handling.

Machined-in lift profiles on one side of the seal face direct gas internal toward an incredibly level piece of the face. The gas that is streaming across the face creates a strain that keeps brief hole between the countenances, streamlining liquid film firmness and giving the most elevated conceivable level of security against face contact. The seal's film firmness makes up for differing activities by changing hole and strain to keep up with dependability.


The BELLOWS are associated with the tension bay (C) and the linkage which is appended to the pointer (B). Whenever the strain to be estimated is applied aside of the howl (inward or external layer), the tension outcomes in the development of the roar.

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