Hindustan Oil Seals Manufacturing Company
Hindustan Oil Seals Manufacturing Company

All Types of Rubber Seals, Industrial Rubber Parts

Hindustan Oil Seals, Our Establishment was Founded in 1978, Hindustan Oil Seals Manufacturing Company began as a manufacturer of industrial rubber parts and has become a recognized name in the rubber industry for the production of premium quality products. In-house in-house experts provide you with the best materials and products, which are also designed to make our customers' visions an exceptional quality experience. Thanks to the diligence and exceptional services of our team, we have achieved the prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Maharashtra, India, where we all work as a team to produce high quality products. Our tool shop consists of various machines for the production of rubber molds and rubber molding products. Product Stamps Industrial seals are used to prevent leakage, control pressure and replace contamination at component interfaces. Stamps are used for various industries and applications. The main purpose of the industrial seal is to seal the hole between the static and rotating part. The use of high performance seals is essential to improve equipment efficiency. This saves companies a lot of money and energy costs in the event of a collapse. The following are the top 10 industries that use hydraulic, pneumatic seals as a combination of the two. Examples of static interfaces include the bolt and bolt entry point and the interface between the engine block and the cylinder head.

The stamp is used on
1) Pneumatic and hydraulic industry
2) Drive manufacturers
3) Valve manufacturer
4) Manufacturers of spare parts for textile machines
5) Automotive industry
6) Manufacturer of screw compressor valves
7) Manufacturers of gas seals
8) Manufacturers of oil and gas equipment